PTX Sulaymaniyah


When Basra PTX was successfully concluded on March 19th, Sanad’s team started immediately planning and preparing for the next event that was agreed to be in Sulaimanyah on May 2nd.

Same as the earlier PTX, there were some preparations and activities that need to take place for the event to be successful and achieve the desired results. On the top of the list are the CSOs and Government pre-Event Surveys that help select and address the right audience to create a positive engagement and come up with projects that help create an impact.

It started with getting a complete list of the CSOs in Sulaimanyah and then selecting the CSOs that will be participating in the survey. This time Sanad’s team used a survey tool that was presented in Basra PTX, thus setting the example for other CSOs to follow and showcase how technology can help achieve the desired results faster and be more effective.

On the government side, Sanad’s team visited Sulaimanyah Governorate and Provincial Council and presented the project’s objectives and mechanism and granted their buy-in. Most of the officials were interested in the project and the technologies to be presented.

Sulaimanyah PTX series started on May 2nd for 3 days for CSOs and on May 6th to 7th for government employees and officials. The participation was tremendous, everyone was engaged and interested in learning more about the 10 technologies brought by the PTX. Some participants were eager to learn all the 10 technologies at the same time!

And to make sure knowledge transfer process runs smoothly, Sanad’s team had 7 multilingual translators at the disposal of the technologists and participants and 2 multilingual technologists that spoke Kurdish, Arabic and English.

In addition, participants were asked to communicate, present their ideas and proposals in their own language even if they knew Arabic or English, this helped participants engage positively and feel free to express their ideas and concerns without language limitations.

The number of participants in the PTX series was huge, with 34 participants from CSOs and 42 participants from government.

Government employees were interested in the technologies presented at the PTX and were actively thinking of ways of utilizing these technologies at their work. Our team helped them identify the challenges they are facing and then selecting the right technology to address these challenges.

Technology witnessed a major change in this PTX, where the team worked on developing a new process and outline that links the technologies together and make it easier for the participants to understand the benefits of each technology and where should each one be used.

An important milestone in Sulaimanyah PTX was the collaboration between CSOs and government. We invited a group of participants from CSOs to present their project ideas, that they developed during the PTX, to the government participants who have showed interest in collaborating and helping CSOs in targeted areas; especially the projects related to IDPs. Both sat down on one table discussing the challenges and setting the best solutions.



Monitoring Administrative and Financial Corruption


Procurement and Government Spending


Service Delivery in Sulaimania


The Needs and Challenges of Internally Displaced People


Citizenship and awareness (legal and special needs)


Violence against women and children


  • Mapping 90%
  • Legislation Lab 70%
  • Digital Security 90%
  • Wordpress 90%
  • Data Mapping 70%
  • Mamdawrinch 20%
  • Data Collection and Visualization 70%
  • Story Maker 90%
  • IVR & SMS 70%