Network of Iraqi Facilitators (NIF)

The Network of Iraqi Facilitators is a group of Iraqi individuals trained and experienced in the prevention of conflicts and finding peaceful solutions to disputes.

Since 2004, NIF members have been instrumental in facilitating dialogue and mediating among parties of disputes and violent conflict. Their efforts reduced violence, re-established peace, and enhanced collaborative relations at the provincial levels all over Iraq, including during the peak of violence in areas like Baghdad, Diyala, and Anbar. In 2007, A NIF team facilitated dialogue among the tribes of Mahmoudiyah, south of Baghdad, which restored peace and stability to the town. More recently, a NIF team facilitated dialogue and mediated between Christians and Shabak in the Nineveh plains in the northern province of Nineveh. which mitigated tensions between the sides.

As we see a resurgence of violence and political gridlock in Iraq, NIF members are working to manage local tensions and resolve differences through non-violent means. They function as an early detection mechanism for conflicts. Months before it was on anybody’s radar, they flagged the troubling direction Iraq was heading if the international community did not intervene with the political gridlock and what was then called ISIS (now the Islamic State).

In areas controlled by the Islamic State, components of each Iraqi city and village took different positions vis-a-vis the Islamic State. There are those who supported them, others chose to stay and not fight, while many sought refuge elsewhere. Once the Islamic State is pushed out of any area, a reconciliation process that brings these different groups together will be necessary. Sanad and NIF will be essential in helping such process by talking to community and government leaders, bring them around the table through dialogue, and facilitate discussions towards common ground.

The NIF is capable of providing a host of professional services, which includes conducting conflict analysis, moderating meetings, facilitating dialogues, and mediating disputes.

List of NIF projects:

  1. Speicher Conflict Intervention.
  2. Nineveh Roundtables.
  3. Bertilla Project.
  4. Micro-Projects.
  5. Al-Mahmodiya Project.

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