Alliance of Iraqi Minorities Network (AIM)

The Alliance of Iraqi Minorities is comprised of individuals and organizations representing Iraq’s minorities: Christians, Shabak, Sabian-Mandaean, Kaka’i, Baha’is, Faili Kurds, Eyzidi and Non-minorities. AIM seeks to become a self- sustaining minority organization that can build bridges between the minority communities, between the minorities and larger Iraqi communities, and promote minority rights and interests at the local, provincial and national levels.

Since 2011, AIM has made considerable progress in building its organizational capacity. Along the way, it has made admirable gains for the minority communities and Iraqi society overall. For example, as a result of AIM’s collaboration with the Minority Caucus in Iraqi Parliament, the national budget law now requires that Iraq’s budget be distributed based on population at the district level. AIM has been working with the provincial and local governments in Nineveh to translate that funding into building hospitals, schools, roads, and water projects. They hope this will mean better health, education, jobs, and quality of life for minorities in the near future.

AIM has also worked with the Ministry of Education in Baghdad to incorporate changes in the school curriculum that includes more recognition for the minorities, and education about their history and culture. Now that almost all the minorities of Nineveh province are displaced, AIM is working with international organizations like the UN and EU, diplomatic missions in Iraq, and the media to provide humanitarian assistance and protection to the minorities.


List of AIM projects:

  1. Curriculum Reform Project.
  2. Participatory Budget Project.
  3. Social Media Projects.