Mitigating for Media Incitement to Violence in Iraq

April 16, 2016

Iraq, Baghdad


On April 16, 2016, 19 participants joined together as focus group from several Iraqi Media outlets, National Reconciliation Committee, Alliance of Iraqi Minorities, Communication and Media Commission, Academic researchers, and Social Media Activists, and others.

The meeting aimed to identify the inflammatory terms and contents that can amplify the dangerous nature of the language and conflict through media and to identify best practices and mechanism to mitigate media incitement to encounter hate messages.

The Network of Iraqi Facilitators (NIF) led the meeting facilitation where all participants elaborated with their insight, review, and recommendations subjected to hate speech, legal frame for hate speech definition and its penalty law were addressed during the meeting, discussing the importance of understanding the law which does not contradict Freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

A research brief paper was presented addressing important findings on academic paper where some observation and analysis studied the reasons behind hate incitement speech, several recommendations were discussed to assure reliability, the importance of awareness and respect the rational relation between subject and the title.  The meeting has discussed and highlighted the threats of hate language, challenges, and opportunities to mitigate media incitement to violence in Iraq.

This event organized by Sanad for Peacebuilding Organization under Switzerland government agreement “Mitigating for Media Incitement to Violence in Iraq”